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Build. Encourage. Network. Love.

Welcome to The WE WIN Organization

 What Makes Us Different?

Comprised of corporate professionals, business owners, community leaders, community supporters, and performers, The WE WIN Organization works together with its members, supporters, and sponsors to create opportunities – allowing all parties to win in ever-changing business and entertainment industries. 

As we all win, The WE WIN Organization encourages women to uplift, support, empower, and build strong relationships with each other – while, believing in the value that each woman has within. As an organization, we embrace diversity – and we put God first in everything we do, while incorporating Christian values.

Have questions?  Email Us:  MissionWeWin@Gmail.com

**Background music is "I Will Stand," an original song written and song by WE WIN Member, Johnice Ashley | All Genres Artist.**

What is Our Signature?

Our Sisterhood Newsletter

Our annual newsletter provides helpful tips on ways to self-improve, self reflect, and ways to start, maintain, or grow businesses or improve careers.  In addition, in the near future, we will have interviews with women who are local celebrities, professionals, business owners, and performers. 

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 Click date to view newsletters:

March 2013  "Cleaning and Organizing Your Life"

April 2013 "Taking the First Step:  Moving Forward Without Looking Back"

May 2013  "Connecting the DOTS:  Jump Start Your Dream and Become Successful"

June 2013 "Rediscovering Unconditional Love:  Finding and Developing the Love Within"

July 2013 "Highlighting the Moments: Sharing Scenes from The Women Who Rock, Groove and Jam! 2013 "Free To Be Me" Summer Concert

Our Membership Advantages

 Where Healing Begins

The WE WIN Organization has partnered with Single Women With Children, Inc. to bring together a support group time where single mothers can discuss issues that they face and receive information about how to overcome any challenges.  This session are confidential

The Buddy System

As a member of The WE WIN Organization, we connect you with a buddy to build a professional relationship.  The advantages of building a relationship with your buddy include providing a direct checks and balances between your growth and participation in the Organization, as we as providing a great resource for each other. 

I am a Winner! Social Dinners 

Our social dinners are held quarterly, at different upscale restaurants, and they give our members an opportunity to meet and build relationships.

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events

Diverse Women | Diverse Professions and Experiences

The WE WIN Organization selects women who:

  • Are corporate professionals, business owners, performers, community leaders or supporters
  • Believe in Christian values
  • Are at least 21 years old
  • Have at least a high school diploma, some college
  • Want to improve their lives
  • Are willing to help others succeed
  • Are willing to work hard to accomplish their dreams
  • Are willing to put in time for their growth



Post Office Box 14146 | Raleigh, NC 27620